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The Wilderness Circle

Are you ready to embrace your witchiness? Is witchcraft getting complicated & you’re stuck in a Magickal rut? 

Let’s make learning simple, with specifically designed BOS pages, live practises & Q&A’s all around monthly themes. All whilst being in an online support group full of like-minded witches. Let’s empower you to live the life you deserve…


Welcome to the Wilderness Circle.


Firstly here is the start of a new chapter, let’s learn, grow & support each other on our Magickal journey. Once you are a member you will be invited to join our Wilderness Circle group on Facebook and this is where everything will be posted & the live rituals are held.


I don’t like rules but there are a few guidelines I wish for you to follow…

  • Everything is confidential within the group, I want a safe space for everyone to talk openly. A place where everyone can be free of judgement, and fear. You are more than welcome to save all the posts & Book of shadow pages, but please don’t share them without permission.

  • Everyone’s path is individual, so please support this. We may not always agree but let’s give each other the support we deserve in our choices.

  • All rituals will have ingredients that we may not all have but I will post alternatives that you can use. So don’t worry if you don’t have what I suggest. We can work around it.

My learning pages are from my personal collection & teachings passed down to me along my own path.

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