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Landlocked Sea Witch

Yes, I am a Landlocked Sea Witch.

Voices: “You can only be a sea witch if you live near the beach”

Me: “Erm…not true!”

Despite no longer living near the ocean, I am still very much a sea witch. For me, this is because it is the energy of the sea that I draw upon to power my magick.

Undeterred by my landlocked location, I use the following methods to keep my connection to the ocean strong and harness the power of the tides.

Creating a Sea Witch Altar

Having two small children, it is difficult to create a sea altar in my sacred space. I have had to be selective and use my imagination, but I do have a very simple altar, that I keep in a drawer, away from prying fingers! However, my whole house is decorated with beachy treasures, so you could say that I have mini altars pretty much everywhere!

Typical items that I place on my altars are, sand, jars of sea water, pebbles, shells, sea glass and pieces of driftwood.

Charging my Sacred Space

When it comes to creating the right atmosphere, I have found using a multi-sensory approach extremely effective. I play natural ocean sounds (a multitude of which can be found on YouTube or Spotify) and I light candles or incense infused with scents that I associate with the beach/ocean. I place photos of my favourite beach in the area where I am working, and I have a specific bowl of sand that I use to add a tactile element to my working. This all helps to really centre my focus and raise the vibrations in my sacred space.

Where possible, I also try to work with the tide times at my favourite beaches. Some will recommend using the tide that is closest to you, geographically, but as I have a stronger emotional connection to other beaches, I find that using these produces better results for me.

Using Pebbles or Shells in Place of Crystals

As a sea witch, I tend to follow my intuition as to what will work for a particular spell, rather than any prescribed correspondences. There have been many times when the right crystal hasn’t found its way to me, but I’ve been drawn to the energies of a particular pebble or shell. So, I’ve gone with it, and have always found the outcome to be as successful. That being said, I do treat any pebbles or shells that are to be used for magickal purposes as I do my crystals, and always ensure to cleanse and charge them beforehand.

Amy from “A little witch once wrote”

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