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Wilderness Retreats...

Join us for a weekend of witchcraft here in beautiful remote North Cornwall. Set amongst ancient woodlands, faeries & magic it'll be a weekend you never knew you needed.

The site is called Treworgie Barton Cottages, which is a stones throw away from crackington, near Bude. The site dates back to the 1500's & holds so much history, with an ancient woodland, old ruins &  stories from years gone by, its the perfect location to learn, grow & spend some time sat amongst  other like minded folk. There is three of us magical folk that will be guiding you through the weekend, myself Ayla that will be providing all the witchiness, Michelle (who is one of the owners of Treworgie) and a faery witch and Kelly (Green Witch) who will be providing all the sound baths, healing etc 

Whats included in the price?

All food & drink, Bed linen, all materials for the workshops, all printed learning pages, £50 goodie bag on arrival & free parking. You literally just need to bring yourselves!


- £575 own bedroom

- Please contact us for shared bedroom prices if you are bringing a friend with you.

Sign up to our retreat!

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Terms &Conditions Wilderness Events


For the purposes of these terms and conditions “magic in the

wilderness ” “witches in the wilderness”,,”our”, “us” and “we” means the Wilderness Events. For the

purposes of these terms and conditions “you” means any party entering the terms and conditions

for the provision of booking a place on our retreat. Wilderness Events hire the retreat

accommodation off Treworgie Barton Cottages. Our guests’ enjoyment and safety is paramount and

therefore we ask you read the following terms and conditions, before you make your booking as

they do form part of your retreat contract.


1. Bookings

1. There is a non-refundable deposit. This is required at the time of making your reservation. This is a

flat £100 deposit, This will be taken over the 1 st 2 months payment. The first payment will be due at

the time of booking, see amounts below.

2. The balance is due by the 1 st February 2025 and is payable monthly, unless booking after the 1 st

December or by prior agreement with “us”

3. If payment is not received by the 1 st February 2025 you may risk losing your place and your

deposit will not be refunded.

Payment amounts will vary depending on the time of booking but will be £575 divided by the

amount of months between booking and the 1 st February and will look as follows

Booking by

1 st May £47.92pcm

1 st June £52.27pcm

1 st July £57.50pcm

1st Aug £63.89pcm

1 st Sept £71.88pcm

1st Oct £82.14pcm

1 st Nov £95.83pcm

1 st Dec £115pcm

1 st Jan £191.67pcm

1 st Feb £287.50pcm

4. Any places booked after the 1 st February 2025 payment in full will be due at the time of booking or

by prior agreement with “us”. Standing orders by bacs are preferred and will not carry a booking

charge. Any bookings set up and paid via PayPal will incur a booking fee of £10.

5. All Places are provisionally until your email has been received. Your Place will be confirmed once

you have received confirmation in writing.

7. Upon your first payment we will send you written confirmation to include details of: a) Your

retreat dates; b) amount paid; c)room requested i.e shared or single; d) a copy of your completed

registration form e) payment dates.


8. The contract between us will only be formed once we have received your booking payment and

have sent to you the written confirmation.

9. It is your responsibility to check this information on receipt of the written confirmation and advise

us immediately if anything is incorrect.

10. Any amendments or alterations to the booking must be made and confirmed within 2 weeks of

booking. Any allergies must be declared at the time of booking in writing on the registration form.

You are responsible for ensuring you do not consume any foods you are allergic.

11. Cancellations within 14 (fourteen) days of the booking date will be charged in line with the

cancellation policy and are not classed as Amendments.

15. Payments may be made by bank transfer or Paypal. Bank details will be given at the time of

booking, on receipt of the registration form and acceptance of the T&C’s outlined.

17. Retreat accommodation will be available from 4.30pm on Friday 4 th April 2025. Departure time

for the cottages is 9.30pm Monday 7 th April 2025. Please note that accommodation not vacated by

the advised time will incur a further daily charge at the tariff rate set out by the accommodation

provider and will be payable to them. Please inform us in advance if your arrival time is expected to

be after 6pm on the Friday.

18. Tickets purchased are NON-TRANSFERABLE and by booking a place you agree to this and will not

put another person’s name forward in your place if you are unable to attend for any reason.


2. Late Payments

1. Please ensure payments are made no later than the 3 rd of the Month. 2 or more late payments

with no contact from yourselves will result in your retreat place being cancelled and monies


3. Cancellation

1. If you are compelled to cancel your booking you should notify us by telephoning 01840 312 113

and follow this with confirmation in writing, via email to This

communication must come from the person who made the booking and will not be acted upon until

received in writing.

2. If you cancel before October 2024 you will receive a refund of monies paid, however your £100

deposit is non refundable.

3. Should you cancel after October but before February 2025 no refund will be given and all monies

will be forfeited.

4. Should you cancel after February 2025 all monies will be forfeited and you will still be liable for

the remaining balance of the retreat, should there still be an outstanding balance on your payments.


4. Changes by us

1. We reserve the right to make amendments to the retreat, which may be necessary owing to

circumstances beyond our control. We will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible and will act

reasonably at all times before opting to cancel any retreats you have booked.

2. Should we need to cancel the retreat you shall be entitled to reimbursement of such monies

including the deposit or a proportion of the same as have been paid by you to us.

3. Force Majeure - we regret we cannot accept any responsibility or pay any compensation for such

circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters, strikes, lockouts or other industrial

dispute, fires, technical problems, act of governments, acts of terrorism or extreme/unusual weather


5. Your retreat environment

1. Treworgie Barton cottages are situated in a rural location. Please acquaint yourself with the area

on arrival. Walking over grassy areas and undulating ground may be unfamiliar and contain natural

hazards such as rabbit holes and mole hills that you need to avoid.

2. Local Authority constraints, which help to preserve the rural area, also limit the amount of street

lighting that can be provided, so please take care when walking around the cottages and remember

that you may be in an unfamiliar environment, particularly at night. It is always advisable to carry a

pocket torch to assist you.

6. Use of accommodation

1. You shall not use or allow the use of the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful


2. You agree not to do anything or bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the use of

the property or render invalid any insurance policy.

3. You specifically agree not to use the premises for the provision of any of the following: a) Betting,

gambling or lotteries including but not limited to sweepstake raffles or tombolas; b) Adult

entertainment; c) Hazardous and flammable substances as listed under the Dangerous Substances

and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002.

7. Smoking

1. Smoking is not permitted in any retreat accommodation or inside any buildings on the site. There

are designated smoking areas.

8. Damage

1. Any damage should be reported immediately to any member of staff on site.

2. In the event of damage to furnishings, contents of cottages or any other property belonging to

Treworgie Barton Cottages damage shall be calculated as the cost of repair of the damaged items,

including but not limited to the cost of equipment, materials and labour.

3. Lost property will be kept for a maximum of 8 (eight) weeks. You are responsible for any postage

and expenses for returning such items.


4. Whilst every effort is made to safeguard guests’ property we or Treworgie Barton Cottages cannot

be held responsible or liable for any losses due to theft or damage caused to guests’ personal

possessions or property brought on to the site or left in cottages after check out.

2. You agree to report to us and Treworgie Barton Cottages in writing of all accidents occurring on

the premises during the retreat (between 4.30pm 04/04/25 – 9.30pm 07/04/25) which involve injury

to any individual within 5 (five) days of the accident occurring.

3. Portable electric generators are not permitted anywhere on the site.

9. Data Protection

1. We acknowledge that for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, we are the data

controllers and data processor in respect of any Personal Data.

10. Feedback

1. The enjoyment of your retreat is important to us. Your valuable comments are used to monitor

and improve our retreats to meet the needs of all our guests.


9. Retreat Registration

All registration forms are to be returned to us at within 48hours

of booking with all sections completed.

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