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Amy’s Introduction 🖤

Hi everyone, 

I’m Amy, aka A Little Witch Once Wrote. I’ll be doing some guest blog posts, alongside Ayla, so thought that I would just post a little introduction before I get started. 

I’m a witchy mum to an almost 5 year old daughter and a two year old son. 

My daughter has become very interested in witchcraft over the past few months and it’s lovely being able to spend more time with her, exploring my practice and developing hers. 

We’re very outdoorsy and creative. We love the beach and making things (witchy or otherwise) out of whatever we find in nature. 

We have a cute little wood at the bottom of our garden, which is the location of many an adventure and faerie hunt. 

Their strong mindedness and determination (though hugely frustrating at times) are traits that I nurture in both my children and I am hopefully teaching them to be true to themselves whilst maintaining respect for others. 

I’m truly honoured and excited to have been invited to participate in this blog section and I look forward to sharing more of our journey with you all soon. 

Take care


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