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Our Wilderness Retreat 24

Where do i start! We had such a fantastic retreat back in April of this year, we held space for 12 lovely people. We meditated, had sound baths every night, did witchy workshops, made our own healing balm & let a lot of sh*t go!

We always find that the right people find themselves on our retreats, whether thats the universes way of saying you need this, or spirit guiding you to spend time with like minded, loving people to help you heal, regardless its a really healing, learning experience.

The weather was beautiful for us, we worked on the elements this year. Using them in our spells, meditations & creations. We hire the whole site at Treworgie Barton Cottages & started the weekend opening the circle across the vast acres of ancient land & woodlands. We then eat together, laugh together & get to know each other. The second day we went down to the stream & did a water ritual using drumming to stir the energy up. We then made healing salves with different intentions & did wax scrying. None of us wanted the weekend to end...

If you would like to join us for April 2025 then get in touch! We offer monthly payment plans to make it affordable.

Take a look at our wilderness retreat page


Ayla x

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