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Candle Magick

Candle magick is my favourite magick! Nearly every spell I do includes a candle... some of you may have noticed!

Each colour represents a property that the candle can be used for... I'll write a list of the candle colours & oils at the bottom of this post for a reference to any new witches.

You can anoint your candles with oils & herbs, try to use natural oils as they hold so much more magick as they are from the earth. I tend to use super high grade oils from a very reputable company , that I just love their ethics. I use them for personal use & for our oils & sprays. My new obsession is wild orange oil, not only does it smell beautiful, its a great for luck & abundance spells. I will post some 'DIY' anointing oils in another blog post next month!

Red - Lust, courage & passion

Pink - Love & friendship

Yellow - Confidence, communication, joy & business success

Orange - Abundance & creativity

Brown - Earth magick & animals

Black - Protection & absorbs negative energy

White - Peace, purity, healing, truth & can be substituted if you have no other colour to use for a spell

Blue - healing & calmness

Dark blue - Health & protection

Lilac - Psychic abilities & Power

Dark Purple - protection & psychic & spiritual abilities

Light green - fertility, growth & Health

Dark Green - money, health & fertility

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