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Cleansing & Clearing for New Year

This Yule/Christmas break I spent most of one day cleaning the house to get ready for the new year. I did a deep clean and packed things that had been hanging around for far too long, that my husband had had enough of stepping over in the hallway and to his delight I gave them to charity. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and my husband seemed quite happy for a while!

When I do a deep-clean I always like to magically cleanse it too...I normally kick everybody out the house on a dog walk. (With two children, 4 dogs and a husband it can get a bit noisy and chaotic!) Anybody that knows me knows I love chaos, I thrive amongst it but for this sort of thing you need calmness and with windows open you know at least one will moan its too cold.

Once everybody had left I got my sage, singing bowl & candles and opened all the windows and doors...

What you'll need...

     White tealights/candles for every room or area (including halls and stairways)     

Singing Bowl     

White Sage Smudge Stick, Feather & Shell or bowl

How to do it...

Assemble all your supplies in one place. If you want to charge them with your intent this helps. I like to work in a clockwise rotation around each room and round every window and door. I start with my singing bowl... into each room and tap the bowl three times to stir up and unstick any energy in the room. Make sure to pay special attention to corners and dark spots. The sound the bowl makes, tells me if there's any rooms that hold more negative energy in...usually living room and bedrooms where arguments can linger... if the sound is dull I know to spend extra time in those rooms to really clear it away. Once this is done around the house go back to the first room you started in.

Light the sage. I normally light the sage off of a candle, can take up to a minute to really burn. I then blow out the flames and let the embers glow red. Walk the perimeter of each room allowing the smoke to dissolve negativity and lift vibrations, I use a feather to really get into the nooks and crannies. (under bed/ in cupboards etc) Repeat in every room/area of your house.

Put the sage out when you are done and close the windows. I use an abalone shell, so not to worry about burning ash going onto the floor etc plus you can use the extinguished embers to mix with your salt for other rituals. Allow the candles to burn all the way down or for as long as you can. Any leftovers can be used when you perform this spell again - so don't chuck them out!

This should be performed every couple of months or as often as you feel needed. If like me you lead a busy and sometimes high stress lifestyle, you may need to clear your space more frequently.

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Thanks lovely. I have everything, bar the singing bowl. Hoping the house will be completely empty too. Just hoping I do it right, as never done it before. 💜💜💜

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