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Festival for Witches & Pagans

We have just returned from our yearly favourite festival in Coventry! A festival for pagans & witches is held at the Heart of England Conference center at the beginning of may every year. We have traded at this festival since it started! we've watched it grow, we've made friends & loved meeting you all there!

It wouldnt be a festival without us forgetting something... and this year it was our marquee roof!!! So a quick trip to screwfix had it sorted in 2 hours. But how we laughed !

This year was spectatular! We were treated to the aurora by the gods, with the colours of purples & greens floating in the night sky it was absolutely magical! The festival has numerous covens that run different workshops & talks throughout the whole weekend, so there really is all paths covered, which I absolutely love! Witchcraft/paganism is such a diverse & personally journey, so to have something for everyone is fantastic!

Its 3 whole days next year, as it falls on the bank holiday at the beginning of May.... 3 whole days for learning, laughing & surrounded by love. You really dont want to miss it!

We also got the chance to see Barbara & Flavias new witchcraft diary for 2025! You will see it on our shelves, amongst their oracle decks & books...

Hopefully see you all there next May!

Ayla x

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