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Full Moon Letting Go Ritual

This months full moon is on Thursday 7th may and a full moon is the perfect time using the moons energy to do a letting go ritual.

Time to get rid of all the things you want to get rid of. It can be bad habits, emotions, thoughts, limitations, relationships, jobs & anything that makes your soul feel heavy.

I’m a real moon lover & it has lots of effects on me, which I use to my advantage with magick. I feel so much power & energy, it re-charges my crystals & my soul! The ritual I have written out is something I do, if you feel you want to change it or do something a little bit different go ahead! I still switch up spells i’m doing now, as I have a sense I need to for whatever reason.

Last thing... don’t forget to put your moon water out & any crystals that need charging! 🖤


Letting go Ritual

you will need:



flame (I light a white candle)

heat proof bowl/plate

I always start with a cleansing, I personally love sage but you can use incense if you choose. I cleanse the area, my candle - everything!

Once i’m ready i set my intention during meditation (for beginners your intention is your strongest tool - think of what you want to achieve & be specific) once i’m ready I light my candle and write what I want to let go on the paper three times, I then fold it three times. I light the paper with the candle and watch it burn. I pop it into my cauldron and Leave it to burn out. Then leave the candle to burn... (Never blow it out always let it burn down but please don’t leave it unattended! )

You can give thanks at the end if you wish.

You can purchase cauldrons & candles in our online store 🌙


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1 Comment

I’m not sure I’ve done everything, I’ll be recharging my water bottle under the moon 🌑 💫

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