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Kitchen Witchery

So kitchen witchery is something we've all been doing for years... without even knowing it. When someone is ill, we will make home-made soups, healing infusions & cook high vitamin meals to help with the healing process. We sub conscientiously put our good & healing intentions into those as we make them. For some of us that have been doing kitchen witchery for a long time will knowingly be putting all sorts of intentions & ingredients we know work. By fuelling our cells with positivity, healing & good intentions this helps our energy & soul work in a beautifully positive way.

The great thing about kitchen witchery is we have everything we need, even our knife or spoon will be our wand, our ingredients we already have on hand & all you need to add is your intention. Its a great way to care for yourself & others without it being full blown "out there" witchcraft (great for those who are still in the broom cupboard). We can help friends & family and they don't even know it. Don't forget each ingredient will have a magickal attributes so you can look up what each means... or use your intuition for a recipes then look it up after. You might realise that your picking certain ingredients for a reason & your intuition is spot on.

The act of chopping & mashing to release the tension of your day, use the act of stirring to put your intentions in and if you think of some words you can say those at the same time. It's really that simple.

I find having a complete declutter & deep clean your kitchen before you begin your kitchen witchery journey because like anywhere in your home energies can lay around in dark corners, under clutter & especially if you don't have much sunlight coming through its best to clear it. You can always whizz a sage stick around & then open the windows to really cleanse the area before you start!

Grab some books & read as much as you can... you can never stop learning!

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