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Ostara, when day is equal to night once again! Spring is here and Ostara is the celebration of the spring equinox on/around the 21st March. Mother Nature is waking up and her beautiful colours are coming to life from the flowers, hedgerows & trees.

Ostara teaches us that balance can once again be found, some find the weeks before can be heighten & stressful. Now is the time to find that balance in your life, with the uncertainty of this year alone, its been so emotionally & physically straining. Lets hope the next month brings happiness & calmer feelings your way.

Symbols Representations:

The Egg

The egg is the representation of life itself, the beginning of everything. Renewal, rebirth & growth.

The Hare

Fertility (think of how many babies hares/rabbits have!) rebirth & there is a myth that the goddess oestre brought a bird back to life as a hare that could lay eggs... (see even in modern day traditions we carry this through!)

Rituals/ideas you can do for Ostara:


Time to get your green fingers out, with our march monthly subscription box we gave you a seed intention ritual to do. But anything planting, growing plants with your intentions are great!

Decorate eggs

You can decorate eggs with sigils/words/colour that represent the colours of ostara (yellow, green & purples) infuse your magick & intentions into your drawings/colours.

Ostara Altar

Coloured candles, fresh flowers, plants, eggs & hares are just a few things you can decorate it with.


Ostara is time of balance, so spend some time meditating on what you need to change to create your balance once more.

Sunrise ritual

As the sun rises on the 21st, spend a few moments at peace, meditate or just sit quietly. As the sun hits your face thank the sun for rising again, the warmth it brings & give gratitude to what you have achieved during past winter. It's time to awaken the energy & light from within. You can also set your crystals out to recharge in the ostara sun energy.

As the wheel turns again, lets be grateful of how we have grown as a being, we have sacrificed a lot this past year and now it is time for renewal.

Blessed Ostara to you all, I give gratitude to each of you that have followed my journey, seen the business grow and shared your love. It all doesn't go unnoticed.

Ayla xx

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Maggie Drummond
Maggie Drummond

Belle and I are going to do our rituals from Ostara box today after school! ❤

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