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Solstice Blessings

Well the shortest day is upon us... filled with reflection of the past year we look for the suns return. We welcome the warmth and joy it brings!

This day has been celebrated for as long as we know of, our ancestors patiently waited for the sun to bring crops, life & colour back to the lands. With the sun brought hope that the coming year was going to be a prosperous one, new beginnings are on the way bringing change & growth.

The ancient ones used evergreens to ward off death and destruction. The evergreens also symbolized life, rebirth, and renewal. These plants’ green never dulls. That is why they were thought to have power over death and could ward off death, even in the depths of winter.

The red berries of the holly bush symbolized life (and later, Christ’s blood) and offered protection against evil spirits.

There is plenty for you to do on this special day... here's a few ideas!

Candle Magick

Burn red, green or yellow candles to represent yule, you can even incorporate herbs & oils. (use correspondences to bring in prosperity, abundance, happiness)

  1. Cleanse the area first (incense/smoke/spray)

  2. Then light a candle to mark the beginning of your ritual.

  3. Create a list of all the things you want to let go of. This list should ideally be things about yourself.

  4. Sit in the dark for 10 minutes and think of all the things on your list that you are ready to let go of, and who you want to be ...

  5. After you have mentally run through your list, go back to the physical list and tear each off and burn into the flame (in a fire proof dish!)

Ring those bells!

Bells are a tool used to drive away demons and negative energy, which makes them a great tool for banishing what is bad for us and drawing in all that is good. Ring them in the mornings to chase away the darkness.

Ask the Spirits!

Now is a great time to Light some incense & pick a card... what is it saying?

Clearing Space

New beginnings are coming so now is a great time to deep clean, clear out the negative, stagnant energies ready to embrace all the positivity the sun coming has to bring! You can do this by burning sage, cedar, rosemary. Or spraying a clearing spray, using loose incense etc You can even use sound (one of my favourite ways!)

Have a very blessed yule & hold onto hope that positive change is coming and you are very much needed in this world. If we can all light up the world one small light at a time then good is coming.

Blessings to you all,

Ayla x

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