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Protection Magick - Creating a Ward

Hey, Wilderness Witches,

So, enough with the theory, for now. Let’s get down to the business of actually creating a ward!

Creating wards and placing them throughout your home is a deceptively easy process. Within a very short space of time, your entire house can be effectively warded, with materials that you already own.

However, we’re going to start simply, and create a ward for a primary entry point of your home (that is the front door, back door, side door, whatever you use or call it!).

So, to shut down this entry point and create a secure lock, you’re going to need a physical object. This object will act as a focal point and anchor for your energy, thus creating the ward.

Selecting your material

Now, for me, this is the fun part! I love to get creative and construct wards out of the most basic, mundane and inconspicuous items, so please, please, please, do not stress over the selecting of a suitable object. The importance here is on actually creating and placing the ward (practising witchcraft!) and not the aesthetics (though that can come later, should you wish).

Constructing your ward.

Having selected your object or materials, you now need to give it a specific purpose. Identify what you are most in need of guarding yourself against right now (e.g., your home being broken into, or the intrusion of extended family who don’t seem to understand boundaries) and focus on this purpose as you construct your ward.

Laying your ward (charging & placement).

Once constructed, the charging and placing of your ward should happen straight away. Knowing the specific purpose of the ward and where it is to be placed will allow you to charge it more precisely, thus increasing its potency. Charging can be done in whatever way you normally like to charge your magickal items, or by simply holding the function of your ward in your mind and pushing it into the object. Then hang, tuck, stick, (etc, etc) your charged ward in its intended location and the job is done!

I would love to see what your creative minds come up with, so if you’re happy to, then please feel free to share your wards with us in the Wilderness Witches Coven group on Facebook.

Until next time.


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