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Protection Magick - Crystals

Hey, Wilderness Witches!

To continue with my series of posts on Protection, I’m going to be listing the crystals that are known to have protective properties. Again, my apologies to those that are experienced in this area.

I’ve split the list into categories, for ease of use and to hopefully help you determine which stone best suits your specific need.

General Protection

· Amethyst

· Nephrite

· Aqua Aura

· Diamond

· Obsidian

· Black Obsidian

· Ruby

· Black Calcite

· Sphalerite

· Staurolite

· Dravite

Protection for travellers

· Aquamarine

· Turquoise – also protects property and keeps you safe from accidents

· Cleavelandite

· Moonstone

Protective shielding

· Fluorite

· Selenite

· Shungite

· Labradorite

· Pyrite

· Fire Agate

Physical protection

· Obsidian

· Jet

· Dalmatian Jasper

· Flint

Psychic protection & Energy Vampires

· Amethyst

· Black Obsidian

· Hematite

· Labradorite

· Smoky Quartz

· Black Tourmaline

· Tigers Eye

· Aventurine

· Lapis Lazuli

· Shungite

· Black Amber

· Carnelian

· Fire Agate

Protection against Witchcraft!

· Jet – together with Red Jasper

This list is meant to act as a guide only and is by no means exhaustive. The information was taken from many different sources, so remember to do your own research and, as always when it comes to magick, follow your intuition and go with what works best for you.

Until next time


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Well done Amy 👏💖

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