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Beltane blessings!

Beltane is the fire festival & also known as mayday! The celebration of summer coming, the suns warmth beats down on us again. The flowers & trees are blossoming beautifully and fruit & vegetables, that you’ve started to plant are growing & hold promise of a fantastic harvest in the coming months. The festival of fertility, the feeling of youthfulness & new beginnings. It’s such a wonderful feeling...

This Beltane I openly admit, I haven’t organised as much as I’ve wanted to. It’s been a busy few weeks with the online shop & there are new beginnings coming. My house is having an extension so it’s chaos central, so I haven’t had a Beltane altar this year here. It won’t be long until it’s all finished & I can celebrate!

i‘be popped some handy Beltane information below... and a ritual you can do!

Beltane blessings to you & yours,

Blessed be,

Ayla x


Date: 30th April/1st May

Other Names: Mayday

Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green

Herbs: Frankincense, Marigold, Mint, Thyme, Sweet Meadow & Basil

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Aventurine, Emerald

Symbols: Flowers, Herbs, Antlers, Ribbons, Seeds, Acorns


Firstly start with a lovely cleansing bath using the bath salts provided.

This cleanses the aura & prepares you for magickal work.

Feel free to use a few drops of the beltane oil ( check for allergiesfirst).

Once you are out the bath, use the oil to annoint your wrists & neck to embrace the magick of beltane. Wear something green if you wish and place flowers in your hair.

Once you are ready place some soil into your cauldron/ fire proof dish. Take a sabbat candle of your choice (Cauldron represents Female & the candle Male) and annoint the candle with the oil. Drawing in (pulling oil towards you) the energy.

Light the candle before the sun sets & keep it going until it burns away.

This represents the magickal energy of the sun, and the beginning of summer. Now you can light the remaining candle with the lit candle, it's time to wish over the candle.

Now write the things you want to get rid of on paper and burn over the flame and into your cauldron. As you do it repeat:

" Fire fire bring/take to me, this is my will, so mote it be"

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