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Litha Rituals

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Well the day is nearly here and sadly weather here in cornwall isn’t looking too great for Saturday but I love the rain so I’ll be happy either way!

Anyway as preparations are under way, as I promised here is a post with a few rituals you can do with your magickal litha toolkit.

I always like you all to make your own magick (as I always feel it’s far stronger) so I haven’t done a strict ’ritual’ instead I’m going to give you loads of ideas so can all pick & choose what you would like to do!

Litha Oil

That very cute little dropper bottle is a beautiful sunny, radiate oil (coconut oil & essential oils) that you can use for anything. Here’s a few ideas...

  1. have a wonderful litha bath - put a few drops in along with Epsom salts & some rose petals.

  2. dab some on your wrists & third eye chakra and feel the awakening & power to charge up your inner intuition. so trust it faithfully!

  3. Anointing your candles ... put some oil on the outside of your candles & roll in your herbs. (simple spells are sometimes the best)


Use your candles to do a bit of candle magick... you have abundance, prosperity, strength, courage, growth, happiness, new beginnings & power related candles, so why not create a ritual around these? Something simple like meditating first, Anointing your candle, lighting your candle, setting your intention, then watching it burn. Another ritual is to get rid of anything you want to get rid of. Writing it down on a piece of paper then using the candle flame... burn the paper and visualise the emotion/situation fading away. Doesnt have to be complicated!

Energy bag Or Spell bag

Why not put the herbs & crystal in the little drawstring bag and put it in the sun. Let it soak up the powerful sun rays and really get your ingredients charged up! You can use them later on or put a couple of personalised items (hair or charms), drop of your litha oil and create your own spell bag. The herbs all correspond to love, calming, abundance, prosperity, money & beauty. So meditate & set your intention and Ta Da! Hold it as often as you need Or place somewhere near you to keep the spell working.

Don‘t forget to pop the scroll you received into your Book of Shadows - it’s handy to

look back on!

Lastly do some cooking... put all your beautiful intentions into your cooking and it will taste even better than normal - perfect for all you kitchen witches 💛

litha blessings to you all,

Blessed be.

Ayla x

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