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New beginnings & Self Care Ritual

As some of you know Pixie Dust has been sprinkled away & Witch in the Wilderness has taken its place! WITW is full of positive vibes, Salty air & wild woodlands, with cornwall at our hearts it seemed fitting to really captivate the wild seas, windy moors & magic that are hidden away in this beautiful county.

With lockdown at our doors, I have really had time to think. Think about what is important to me and my beliefs. I care about the environment but most importantly I care about others, I think in a time like this its really shown how kind & caring people are. Now that being said I just felt its the perfect time to grow & change with the world. I've had time to sit & think (something I haven't done in a long time... just be really still in the moment & breathe) and whilst doing so it came to me that we needed to change the look & branding.

I'm all about floral scents, dark woods & smokey brews, but what I couldn't do was create a collection based around the Sea. So this is why I called out to my friend & Sea witch to come & help me create a beautiful line of Sea Magick & witchery. This range is in its infancy so watch this space for beautiful handmade one offs and elemental products.

I am uploading new products all the time, I am also doing a monthly draw for our monthly subscribers. To be 'in it to win it' all you have to do is take a photo of your box and what your favourite item is and hashtag #witchinthewilderness ... Your name will then be put in a draw to win prizes... EVERY MONTH!

I just wanted to express my gratitude to my growing community of followers and customers. You have been loyal and supportive through times of change and growth. I hope that all of you have been able to spend some time caring for yourselves during this unsettling lockdown. In the spirit of self care here is a little ritual especially for you.

Love & light




You will need...

1 Pink Candle (you can carve a heart into it or anoint it with oils if you choose - I use orange oil)

Piece of Rose quartz

I always like to Cleanse my tools first, either sage, incense or water! (it doesn't have to be complicated!) I do most of my work intuitively so I go with what feels right!

I light the candle, and hold the rose quartz and meditate (concentrate on your breathing or do what works best for you) once in the right state of mind and feel warmth coming off your crystal & feel a warm feeling around yourself repeat these words:

" I am caring, I am kind, I am powerful, I am strong & I am loved. I am worthy of love from others & I am worthy of love from myself"

Repeat 3 times and let the candle burn all the way down

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Angelina Hills
Angelina Hills
May 05, 2020

Perfect simple ritual! Love it. Blessings to everyone 🌙


May 01, 2020

A perfect start to the new world... Birds are beginning to sing outside as I finish my shift into Beltane... Blessed be and may everyone stay safe and well. ❤

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