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Protection Magick - Warding

Hey Wilderness Witches!

Today we’re getting to the good stuff – warding!

Warding is a practical way of protecting or securing a person or place. The ways and means of warding can be super complex or they can be super simple. Effective warding can keep your home protected from outside influences; however, it is vital to remember that warding does not cleanse nor purify your home. Rather it keeps that which is outside, out and whatever is already inside, in.

Warding can be very specific, in that you can detail exactly what you want to keep out of your home, but also that which you wish to allow in. Because of this, warding will not interfere with your spell casting, nor your ability to work with any Deities.

There are numerous benefits of warding your home, particularly if you regularly perform spells, divination or engage with spirits. One such benefit is that home warding allows

any personal wards you carry the chance to have a break. It gives them an opportunity to rest and recharge, meaning that they will last longer and not need to be tended to as frequently.

Warding also offers an excellent opportunity to practice witchcraft on a regular basis. Maintenance of your wards requires regularly (weekly or monthly) checking to ensure that they are not tired, full or even dead, and all this regular practice will only make you a stronger and more capable witch!

As there is quite a lot of information to cover regarding warding, I will be breaking it down into several posts, in order to avoid overwhelm and boredom! Unfortunately, there is more theory to be covered, but I promise that we will get to the practical side of things very soon.

Until next time.


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