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Samhain Activities

Samhain ( pronounced SOW-EN) is my favourite celebration. I think the fact my kids are so part of the evening makes it even more magical. This year due to COVID it will be a slightly different celebration, more subdued but I will make it equally as important. Not forgetting its a full moon this year... so plenty of energy will be gracing our evening!

As we all know the veil is at its thinnest on the 31st, you may be feeling the effects of the thinning already...

1. Your dreams are wild & exhausting. Are you seeing past loved ones?

2. You don't feel very grounded, you feel almost floaty...

3. Your intuition is spot on. Its literally yelling at you! listen to it carefully as spirit will be helping you too...

4. You feel totally emotional. ( keeping hormones etc aside) You feel your emotions are at the surface, you feel things at a deeper level.

5. You feel strong energies around you, you can feel the shift in a room.

6. You see lights at night, orbs of energy floating around your bedroom, or out the corner of your eye.

7. Your tarot readings will be very accurate, so listen to them carefully!

I've been quite lucky in the fact I can feel, see, hear spirit. Always around Samhain I feel the energies step up a gear, I think it helps we all talk about our loved ones more, we invite them in, we acknowledge they are there.

I've put a list of activities you can do on the night, you can invite children to join you, I will be doing a children Samhain Zoom meeting at 6pm on the 30th of Friday. Email for details!

Heres the List of ACTIVITIES to do:

1. Put a picture of your lost loved ones on your altar or mantelpiece. Place safely a candle infront to light up the picture in the dark.

2. Scrying (you can used water in a bowl, black mirror, crystal ball) Sit in a dark room with a few candles on, close your eyes and quieten your mind. Once your ready slowly open your eyes, relax your eye-lids and gaze at the reflection. You will start to see symbols, shapes and/or images. Keep a notebook by you to record what you see. you can ask questions & see what answers you get...

3. Tarot/ oracle/ pendulum readings - great time to do it! I love having the lights down low on Samhain.. creates a great atmosphere and this way I can also see if anyone has joined me from the other side.

4. Dumb Dinner - set out a place at the dinner table to invite your past loved ones to join you.

5. Make a feast!

6. Decorate your altar with pumpkins, apples, orange, black themes.

7. Have a bonfire!

Enjoy your Samhain evening and let me know what your getting up to!

Ayla x

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