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Welcoming in Prosperity in 2023

Happy New Years eve! Depending on if you celebrate tonight or at Samhain (Witches New Year) these rituals are great for using on either of them.

Firstly what a year 2022 has been, I've had a slightly rocky one. We had illness & accidents within the family, but thankfully we are all on the other side & healing well! My mental health took a wobble and I became over-whelmed, over stimulated & crawled into a cave for a few months. The reason I am telling you this is because you may have noticed how quiet Witch in the Wilderness went! I literally disappeared, but I needed it. I'm now feeling so much better and have spent the last month creating & re-creating what I already had. Witchy has always been my 'love' job, its a labour of love too. But I needed to remember why I had started it back in 2019. I started it to welcome new witches, the interested & the seasoned witches. I wanted a shop that was affordable & reachable. I wanted anyone to feel comfortable & inclusive. I think I'm achieving what I had originally set out to do, with new energy and new love for it I'm stepping up a gear and have so much exciting things to show you!

With the current cost of living crisis we are all riding this storm together, so we must work together to navigate through it. Its a tough world and being an empath/ hyper sensitive I feel the sadness & struggle deeply. I feel it everywhere... so with this in mind I've created lots of new products at cheaper prices but still keeping my wax seals, glass bottles & spooky packaging! (One of my obsessions within the business!ha)

Keeping prosperity in mind I've set out a few little rituals you can do tonight/tomorrow in hopes to welcome everything you need for 2023!

Prosperity Candle Magick

You will need:

- Yellow/white Candle

- Nail/ Knife/ Tooth pick

- Optional oil & herbs of choice (what calls to you, I am a witch that teaches to use your intuition for spellwork)

Start off by cleansing your area & tools, as usual do it however you feel. (Smoke/Spray/Sound) Once your area is well cleansed I want to pick up the candle and just hold it in your hands, close your eyes & focus on what you want to bring in. Start by taking some deep breaths & I want you to really visualise it. (If you are thinking of "money", think deeper. Is it a pay rise you need? are you wanting to sell something?)

Now inscribe into the candle the words that you choose...'Prosperity', "pay rise', or a sigil you have created around your intention. Hold the candle in front of you, if you are using the oil put three drops onto the candle and pull the oil TOWARDS you. You are bringing it in so always pull the oil down the candle towards you. When you are ready you can light the candle & let it burn all the way down.

(WITCHY TIP: if you are banishing you stroke the oil AWAY from you.)

Prosperity Quick Ritual

1. You will need:

- Salt

- Sugar

- Cinnamon Powder

This ritual is super quick & easy! Simply put some salt in your left hand first scrub your palms with it and rinse under running water. This simply clears any unwanted energy in your hands. Then pour the sugar & cinnamon onto your left hand again, rub it 9 times in a clockwise motion around your palm. Once done rinse under the running water! Job done! (Told you it was easy!)

You can also Blow cinnamon through your door at midnight, burn a cinnamon stick around your home or add it to your cooking (specially if you are a kitchen witch!)

Thankyou for continuing your love, blessings & supporting my business for yet another year! It doesn't go unnoticed and I count my lucky stars everyday.

Heres to a prosperous 2023, may all your wishes come true.

Blessings & love,

Ayla x

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