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Yule Blessings

Yule is nearly here, and I often get asked (especially by people new to the craft) how do you exactly celebrate it?

Well pretty much every faith/culture celebrates it one way or another, not on exact dates but around midwinter (21st). Its one of the oldest celebrations, with burning fires, decorating homes & feasting. We still celebrate in a similar way today!

Lucy Cavendish describes it wonderfully in her "spellbound The secret grimoire of Lucy Cavendish" book:

"This is the longest night of the year - the time of the greatest darkness and of severe cold in many lands. The energy is slow, internalised and withdrawn. It is time of incubation, hibernation and conserving energy. At the solstice, great celebrations were held through Northern Europe to call the sun back to life and warmth. Many ancient sacred sites were built to ritually honour and observe the solstices - and oberservation of the winter solstice, the time of rebirth after the death of the cold time, is considered by many to have been one of the primary purposes of stonehenge. This is a time for candle magick, rebirthing, beginning the process of recovery after healing, divination for the future. gratitude and giving thanks."

There are lots of magick that you can do over yule, one of my favourites is clearing the old energy and replacing the new energy! (there is an old blog post describing my whole routine to this!) But here's a few other options that you can do:

- Get up at dawn and watch the rising of the sun on the 21st and as the sun starts to make it journey, give thanks for the return of the light & warmth it brings.

- Light a yule candle and increase the flame using your hands gently near it. As the flame grows think of the reasons you want to give thanks for.

- Yule manifestation jar: All the things you want to bring into the new year. So you can use bay leaves and write on them, you can use crystals & herbs to symbolise. Seal with wax & place somewhere you can see it often.

Lastly this year hasn't been a normal year for anybody. Anxiety & stress have all risen in so many peoples lives. This year has taught us to cherish what we have

, cherish health & happiness. Some of us have lost loved ones, we light a candle for those and remember them fondly. I wish you much health, happiness & for those fighting battles no body knows about I wish you peace.

Yule blessings to all of you,

Ayla xx

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